Welcome to Beirut Pops

Welcome to Beirut Pops

Welcome to Beirut PopsWelcome to Beirut PopsWelcome to Beirut Pops

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Our lightly salted popcorn is the classic go-to flavor. And there’s a reason why you can’t beat the classics: easy anytime, anywhere and generally liked by everyone. But be careful – once opened, chances are high you will consume the entire bag. Because once you “pop” you can’t stop. But don’t worry, the damage is minimal – our pops are some of the healthiest and lightest snacks on the market. 



We get you. You’re not just looking for classic salt. You crave something with a little edge. And that’s why we have the caramel version of our Pops. This is a flavor for those who feel like breaking the rules - being adventurous. It’s a flavor for those of you who need a little extra sweetness and “pop” in their snacking pursuits.  And what’s more – it is still a low calorie option!

Our Story


Where do we start?

Let’s start at the beginning.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then Adam and Eve…Ok, maybe that’s too far.


The Company

Our company began as a group of popcorn lovers wanting to share their passion for this healthy, delicious snack food. We are almost as equally nationalistic and can proudly say that our products are 100% made in Lebanon. Beirut Pops started small. With some hard work, heart, and our own secret ingredient (wasta - just kidding) we managed to grow into a company that is serious about their popcorn kernels.


The Goods

Our kernels are our trademark. Alongside our flavourings, we import top quality butterfly and mushroom kernels direct from the US. Producing the finished bags in our modern facility and to the highest standards, we give 100% to make the best possible product. Our snack bags are distributed to supermarkets across the country.  Find our bags at a diken (or Carrefour!) near you.

A Healthy Snack

We are a minimally processed snack. Our salt popcorn has all-natural ingredients with 0 additives. 

A healthy, low calorie and low fat snack. Our popcorn flavors contain no trans fats/hydrogenated fats, making them a great choice for heart health. No additives and minimally processed. Great snack for kids and families. Lebanon's leading popcorn brand.

We are a high-fiber food and gluten free. 

        100% DELICIOUS!


A guy that loves our popcorn

 "I love them!"  

A girl that watches movies with a 3.5 rating on IMDb

“Their “pops” are legit! They made my cinema experience watching terrible movies much better!”  

A guy with a mouth full of popcorn

 " "  

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